B.Tech – Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE)


Electronics & Communication Engg

Electronics & Communication Engg is a swiftly advancing field with new ideas emerging every other second. From mobile phone to fiber optics and remote sensing, there are exciting avenues to explore & create.

Broadly, Electronics & Communication Engg involves the transmission of information across channels like coaxial cable, optical fiber and also wireless communications. It also deals with designing equipment such as rosters, switches, fibre optics and switching systems. It concerns the use of scientific knowledge of the behavior of electrons to develop components, devices, systems, equipment and electronic products ranging from the simple radio receivers to advance music systems, televisions, computers, mobile phones, electronically controlled radio toys, several systems of automobiles, aircrafts, etc.

Vision-  our vision is to impart quality education in Electronics and communication Engg. with particular regard to their applications in industry, health & other areas of over diverse society. Our aim is train electronics engineering students to lead a successful career in industry, pursue higher studies or entrepreneurial endeavors. Graduates should be versatile, adaptable and possess analytical ability to offer techno commercially feasible and socially acceptable solutions to real life problems in field of electronics and communication.

Mission- To integrate training in engg principles critical thinking hands on project, open ended problem solving to build creative abilities & research spirit. Our mission is to impart the essential skills of leadership, teamwork, communication, ethics so that they can interact & communication effectively
(written and oral) with others.

Job opportunities- Professional may work in nearly every industry such as automobiles, medical, process control, consumer electronics, telecommunications, defence, internet technologies, etc. Scientific computing opportunities are available in both software and electronic computation. One may also enter in research & Development or go in government & private sectors.

Eligibility- 10+2 with physics and Mathematics as compulsory subjects along with: chemistry, Biology, Bio-technology, computer science, are eligible to pursue B.Tech course. Students who have passed Diploma in related areas are also eligible.






“Delight Knowledge & its Services”

VISION- To develop competencies of student with good value system to face challenges of the continuously changing world.

Mission- The Mission of SSLDV is to advance knowledge and educate student in Business and other area of scholarship that will best serve the nation and the world in the 21st century.

The institute committed to generating disseminating & preserving knowledge & to working with others to bring this knowledge to bear on the world’s great challenges. We seek to develop in each member of the SSLDV community to ability & passion to work wisely, creatively & effectively for the battlement of human kind.

Course                          Master of Business Administration

Affiliated by AICTE                                                                                                          offered by UPTU

Duration – 2 years

Course description –

  • Compressive and innovation MBA degree prepare. Business student for the career in an increasingly competitive Market.
  • MBA programme at SSLDV Institute of Management & Engineering are designed to give student the skill & knowledge needed to became a successful MBA post graduate in this new business environment.

Highlights of Courses

  • Pioneer Institute of business education in Human Recourses Management (HRM), Financial Marketing, Information Tech. , International Business.
  • Course offers dual specialization so that catch Market globalization.
    • HRM – To expand opportunities
    • IT – Innovative & creative technology setting
    • IB – Gain the competence & confidence to manage in international setting.
    • Finance – Master the skill of financial strategy while gaining real world practices.
    • Marketing – Become skilled specialist who understand goods & services in the global and tech. economy.
    • Prepare individual to lead & serve by providing high quality, practice based educated progress in taxation, law and related professionals.
    • Largest private education institution in Aligarh.

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  1. Candidates   must   have   passed   (10+2)   or equivalent   with  Physics  &   Mathematics   as compulsory subjects and Chemistry or Computer Sciences or Biotechnology or Biology, as one of the optional subjects. They must have secured a minimum of 50% (45% for SC/ST/OBC) marks in aggregate in these subjects to be considered for selection.
  2. Candidate  with  a  diploma  in  the  appropriate branch of engineering awarded by a State Board of Technical Education, and with at least 50% (45% for SC/ST/OBC) in aggregate in diploma is also eligible for admission to the first year of B Tech.